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The features of a fixed annuity are; bailout provision, tax deferral features, secure principle, guaranteed rate of return, option for life income and a penalty-free withdrawal permission. A fixed annuity is tax deferred meaning that you are not taxed until withdrawal and this has made them the most popular mode of investment better than the likes of CDs and bonds when planning for a retirement investment. Instead of paying a tax for 10 to 30 years, you can re-invest the same amount. Fixed annuities guarantees you with a zero potential loss of principle and their rates and tax deferrals are higher than money market accounts and the CDs. This means that the annuity removes the undesirable forms of risk for those individuals in retirement who are concerned about the return on their money and not return of their money.

FindAnnuitiesThe most important characteristic of fixed annuities is the fact that they offer a lifetime income option and they allow individuals to shift from retirement savings to guaranteed retirement living. A fixed annuity will offer you with a bail out provision. These provisions are there for purposes of protection from the wild fluctuations in rates when the guarantee period expires or lapses. This ensures that you can cash out on the penalty fees in case the insurance company drops your interest rate. With annuities, you can receive immediate payments or future payments. Most people believe that the immediate fixed annuity is the classic annuity because you will start to get periodic checks after the first month of investment. The checks can be semi-annually, quarterly or semi-monthly. This is different from the deferred annuities, which re-invests interests automatically and then pat out at the end of the term in one huge lump sum.

The following factors affect immediate fixed annuities; pay period, interest rate, length of contract and the size of the initial investment. If you need an increased monthly payment then larger investments that have shorter-term yields are for you. To receive high monthly payouts and higher interest rates, go for an Insurance company that is highly competitive. More and more Americans are going for the immediate fixed annuity because of their characteristic of guaranteeing one a lifetime income that he or she can’t outlive. In America, the social security payments are declining, there is an annual inflation of 3% rate and the advances in healthcare is outliving their retirement savings. The only remaining savior is the immediate annuities.

In summary, the characteristics of a fixed annuity may provide one with a safety of investment and may also guarantee a return. People who have limited funds and wish to invest really prefer these annuities because it is a risk free investment. The fund that is being accumulated is usually annuitized and then the annuitant is paid in fixed or guaranteed lifetime payment. Fixed annuities are generally considered a low risk savings investment as you may get a positive return rate. They give an individual a peace of mind.