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The greatest worry for a retiree is if he will have a source of income or not after he leaves his current job. Even if there are benefits received from your employer at this time, these might not be of a great use to you. This is because such huge amounts of money are easily mismanaged. Mismanagement is not necessarily putting the money into some bad use. You could buy an asset, which is a good thing. However, what happens when this money gets finished whereas you do not have another source of income?

To ensure that you do not find yourself in such a rhetoric question’s predicament, investing in an annuity may be an excellent option. This is because one of the advantages that you enjoy from a fixed type of annuity is receiving regular payments from the time that you leave your job. In most cases, you will also stand the chance of including someone who will receive any money that you might have been paid at the time of your death. This person is referred to as the beneficiary. Different firms will have varying policies with regard to paying a beneficiary. However, the worst-case scenario will be the beneficiary receiving only the balance for the amount invested in a fixed annuity.

The second benefit is witnessed during the accumulation period. This is the time that you are not supposed to withdraw your money, which is usually before your retirement. Within this duration, your capital will earn interest, which will compound on the capital and earn more interest. This interest is not subjected to any tax. This is where this second benefit comes from. It is as if you will be earning some extra money, which is added to your capital. It is extra money because in another invest scheme or in a savings account you would have to pay taxes on any interest earned. Therefore, for the deferred annuity, you actually end up making more money for the accumulation period. On the same note, you may be assured of not making losses. This is because your annuity is independent of the market trends. Therefore, even when markets are at their worst, you will not only be assured of not losing your principal, but you also have a guaranteed interest rate.

Thirdly, different people will have different investment ability. There are people who will invest millions while others will only invest a few thousands. Some investment schemes do not allow people to invest beyond certain limits. This can be considered unfair for the people who want to invest largely. Luckily, investing in a fixed annuity may not present you with such disappointments. You can deposit as much money into your account as you would like to invest.

The fourth advantage is the absence of stress in managing your investment. Supposing that you invest in stock markets directly, you would have to be on the lookout for the appropriate trading points. Determining these points requires time. Moreover, you would also have to learn about the various trading strategies and platforms for you to trade efficiently. In brief, all this would be very demanding especially when you consider that you will be retired. However, with an annuity investment, once you enter into a contract with the insurer, you will not have to worry yourself on how to earn interests. The firm takes care of all that. You will just wait for your regular payments when the time is right.

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