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Annuity for retirement may be a good investment for those who wants to ensure they have a secured life, even after their retirement. If you really put an effort to plan, you can see that your retirement is probably the best period of your life. Now the question is how will you plan your future? Is the pension fund enough for your financial needs? Most retirees’ mistake is that they depend on the pension fund alone. This is very unsafe and may not enough for your own needs.

You have to get a wise investment as early as possible in order for you to have funds, which may cover all your needs for your retirement. The best investment that may yield a high interest and less risk is annuity.

How it Works?

There are several annuities in the market. It is an investment plan offered by insurance companies but directly handled by Securities Exchange Commission since it involves securities and bonds.

You may avail annuities by buying annuity from insurance company, which then the insurance companies will reinvest your money into diversified funds like securities or bonds. You may choose which type of annuity you prefer; you may choose whether you want a deferred annuity or immediate annuity. However, whatever you choose, it is important that you know that annuities are beneficial for you.

Advantages of Annuities

Annuities are much preferred by the majority of people because of its benefits. Annuity is an investment instrument that is tax deferred. Tax deferred means that your investment is not taxed every time you make a deposit. With annuities, you will only be taxed when you withdraw and since withdrawal is normally done after seven to eight years, you will only be taxed during that time for your withdrawal.

Secondly, annuities are principal protected. This means that you or your heirs will receive the amount of money that you have invested without any deductions. Whatever happens to the market whether it goes up or slums down, you are guaranteed to get your principal money unscathed, thus, making this a favorite for those people who want less risk.

Thirdly, annuities are inflation protected. This means that you can personalize your savings to make sure your investment will be able to keep up with your living conditions. We all know that inflation can devaluate your investment but with annuities, you may be guaranteed that your savings is protected.

Lastly, annuities are a lifelong income. You will receive money as long as you live. Unlike other investment which will only be around for a couple of years or if the plan holder dies, with annuities, the investor can enjoy the money he or she deposited as long as the annuitant is around. If the annuitant dies unexpectedly, the heir will receive a minimum of the investment.

Annuity for retirement is one of the recommended investments for retirees or anyone planning to invest for their retirement due to its minimal risk.