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As more United States citizens become more knowledgeable about the use of annuities for retirement, the insurance companies are increasingly getting more requests from retirees who desire to open these accounts and are looking for better annuity options to invest in. Surprisingly, fixed annuities seem to have become very popular, with increase in the sales of fixed annuities rising by almost fifty percent every two years.

Benefits of Fixed Annuities

AnnuityForRetirementThese fixed annuities seem to have become very popular due to a number of reasons with the most important being the guaranteed level of fixed payout over a period of time. With fixed annuities, retirees may not be worried in any way as the payouts come in steadily every month, every quarter or annually in line with the terms of the agreement. Investors also know exactly what to expect as payout every period and plan their expenses according to the expected amount. In contrast, payouts from variable annuities fluctuate on a periodic basis due to market swings. It could be higher or lower than the original amount that may be guaranteed at every payout time.

Also, fixed annuities generally have lower fees attached to them as opposed to other types of annuities. This is due to the fact that they are at the lowest risk levels and the insurance companies can effectively plan for payout to fixed annuity holders. The effort required for processing the payouts is minimal and these companies can even afford to place standing orders for payouts without any major manual intervention.

However, for variable annuities, the payout rate changes every period. Even if it is automatically computed by the financial software, some level of human intervention needs to be included to get the correct payouts to deserving investors.

In addition, some fixed annuities offer protection for inflation, by including the Cost of Living Adjustment (COLA) benefit every few years. This COLA makes it possible for your fixed payout to increase in line with inflation, though this will be adjusted based on your needs assessment document which was part of the original contract signed.

Generally, it has been proven that fixed annuities for retirement are one of the best investment options after the middle-ages. To get the best value from your annuity plan, it is very important to compare rates from different providers across the country. You can use several parameter including management fees, interest income levels, financial rating of the company and a host of other factors. We have provided below links that you can use for comparing the rates offered by different leading annuity providers.

To get started, enter your zip code on the top of this page, and then answer some basic questions. This will help you to compare annuity plans from multiple providers for FREE to determine your highest eligible rate. It is important to provide accurate questions to these answers as our pool of providers will provide you with different rates depending on your individual circumstance and situation.