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Are You Frustrated And Disgusted Of Those Lousy 2%, maybe 3% CD Rates your bank or broker offers?

You see, we all know that banks will try and keep your money invested with them for as long as they can, at these low return rates they offer. They know that you are unlikely to move your money, because the fear of the unknown. Stop being a victim of your bank’s greed, and get higher rate of return on your hard earned savings with Annuities!

Annuities not only provide income for as long as you live, but are also safe, secure, and tax-beneficial. With annuities you get:

->> rates higher than bank CD’s;
->> interest rates up to 8% p/a; and
->> the upside potential of stocks, without the risk.

And, many more benefits


Forward-thinking retirees who don’t want to lower their standard of living use annuities. If a lousy 3% on your CD’s makes you sick, then enter your zip and some basic information to find out if an annuity is a good fit for you.

Take the first step in maximizing your retirement income.

You’ll be amazed to see the returns you can make with annuities.