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Variable Annuity is no doubt one of the viable ways to secure your future retirement through investing in several offers coming from insurance companies. You invest your money by making purchase payments in series of investment options while the insurance company pays you the returns at an agreed date.

ImmediateAnnuityToday, several insurance companies are offering all kinds of annuities meant for retirement purposes.  You don’t need to jump into them without making proper inquiries.  If for instance you want to go for Variable Annuity, there are several considerations you need to make.

In the first place, you have to consider whether the investment option will help you save for your retirement or not.  You may also consider using it for a similar long-term goal. You have to know the actual purpose you have in mind before thinking of going for the investment option.  This will help you to make the right decisions when the time comes.

You’ll also consider whether to invest in the Variable Annuity through an IRA or through a retirement plan.  This is going to affect how you’ll be taxed when the investment begins to yield.

There are some risks that are involved with Variable Annuity investment.  Prevailing economic conditions may force the investments to decrease in value. This also means a decrease in the amount you’ll earn. It also means a decrease in the initial purchase payment you made.  Ask yourself whether you’ll be willing to bear this when it happens or not. To guard against this, there’s the need to invest in several investment options when going for Variable Annuities. You can invest in the US stock,   international stocks, bonds and other mutual funds. There’s a possibility that some of the funds will always be on the increase while some may decrease. You’ll always recover the lost gain through other investments options that are increasing in value per time.

Another consideration to make when going for Variable Annuities is concerning the charges involved.  In most cases, there are surrender charges, handling fees, death benefit fees and other charges. There may even be other hidden and extra charges. You need to know more about them before you decide to   make your initial investment.

You’ll also decide whether to leave the Variable Annuity for a long time in order to avoid paying higher surrender charges when you withdraw.  You also need to decide when you want the payments made. Some people want it within few months of their initial investment while others want it later on.  You may even extend the payout session for life. This means that, you have to bequeath the payout to a beneficiary who may be your spouse or your child.

Indeed, there’s a lot you need to consider before deciding to go for Variable Annuity.  You even need to choose the best insurance company that can give you the best offers. You can make the entire process rosy by engaging the services of a financial adviser who will guide you through.