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Annuities have been with us since Roman times. A person used to give out a certain amount of money and receive a set annual income later in life when they were not as actively active. This served as a good insurance to getting old. The same practice goes on today. Today, it is defined as an agreement between one person and an insurance company or a body allowed by law whereby it receives a certain amount of money in lump sum in the individual’s earlier life to be distributed to the same in regular amounts or in lump sum in future. With time this has been modified to accommodate everyone, one can either give out an initial lump sum amount or be giving out little amounts of money to build up what he or she intends to receive either as a retirement income, benefits left to a surviving spouse or children or even a trust.

FindAnnuitiesThe underlying annuity laws in are defined by Internal Revenue Code (IRS) and the actual implementation and making of specific laws are made by the individual states. You will normally see that the annuity requirements in the different states varying from one state to another. The Financial Industry Regulatory Authority (FINRA) which is a non governmental body that regulates the insurance companies all across the country. One should always strive to verify whether an insurance company has been licensed and genuine with FINRA.

You always stand to benefit in numerous ways take up a fixed annuity plan. You might be in a well paying job currently but when you look further into the future, you see yourself in a much less paying job either due to economic regression or personal reasons. You can choose to have some money put in a fixed annuity plan now and receive it at that future time. Not only will the premiums paid to the insurance company not be taxed but they will be earning interest at a compound rate. When that future time arrives you can then receive the amount in lump sum or in installments thereby attracting minimal tax. There is no better way to save!

That part of your income which is used to pay for the fixed annuity premiums is recognized as savings by the law. The money invested into the annuity then attracts interest at a compound rate. Since the interest is not drawn immediately, it continues to compound and grow. At the time of drawing you will only be charged tax on the interest income and not the principal.

Fixed annuities are always a safe place to put your hard earned cash. The premiums paid to the insurance company are always invested very stable ventures. Some of the stable investments around include government bonds and blue chip bonds. They give stable and secure returns always.

In conclusion, you will be taking up an insurance plan for your retirement life by taking up a fixed annuity. A fixed guaranteed income will be flowing your way at your sunset days. Be safe and having a safeguarded retirement life is a dream for many.