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Your retirement period comes to you as a dream even before you know what’s happening. There’s always the need to plan ahead of time in order to enjoy the retirement   period. It’s important you make the right income investment while you’re still in active service.  Annuity for retirement is one viable avenue that can guarantee steady flow of cash when you retire.  It showcases in specific kinds.  Deferred annuities are among the best options to go for.

Basically, a deferred annuity as a kind of annuity for retirement   is a contract that delays the payment of income until the investor   decides to go for it.  Many insurance companies offer this kind of annuity. You invest your lump sum of money and also allow the income to build up for a specified period of years.

There are two phases to deferred annuities.  The first is the savings phase whereby you’re expected to invest some cash into the deferred annuity account.  The second phase is the income phase whereby the plan is duly converted into an annuity giving you the room to receive payments.

Again, deferred annuities can be fixed or variable.   The fixed deferred annuity allows you to receive payment on a fixed date or period while the variable deferred annuity allows you to receive payment on variable date or period you may choose at any point in time.

One of the features you must not forget in deferred annuity is that you’re not to expect any payment until the given or agreed date comes.  You have to enter into a binding agreement with the   insurance company you’re dealing with and make sure you keep to the terms of the contract.

You stand to gain a lot when you go for a deferred annuity. As a unique kind of annuity for retirement, the annuity   helps you to accumulate a lot of cash all through the period of the contact.   In most cases, the accumulated income is tax-deferred. You’re not expected to pay any tax from the accumulated fund.   This helps you to have enough income for your retirement.

It’s often good to use a deferred annuity as a retirement savings accounts especially if you don’t want to lack enough cash when you retire.  You’ll always have enough money to eat and settle your bills during retirement. You can equally use the accumulated fund to invest in a real estate business opportunity.  You can easily purchase a befitting retirement home for yourself with the accumulated cash.

Meanwhile, there are other forms of deferred annuities you may need to check out. Among them include CD-Type deferred annuity, fixed deferred annuity, and Equity-index annuity and so on.  You can always get the right information about them from a reliable insurance company.  You don’t need to rush into purchasing any kind of annuity for retirement without making proper inquires.  In most cases, each type of annuity has its pros and cons. You need to know more about them before you decide to choose any of the options.