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Immediate annuities present a great number of advantages for retirees. There are many other insurance and investment options that you can choose from in the market. There are no doubts about that. But why it has to be an immediate annuity? Is it really recommendable for you?

retirementsannuity   Annuities like immediate annuities are basically designed for retirees. They aim to secure their financial stability for their future. Immediate annuities are great forms of investment for those who have just got retired from their jobs.

Why choose immediate annuities over other forms of insurance like life insurance? Well, at old age, life insurance is not that recommendable. It is better to start off at a young age if you are planning to have a life insurance. Because you are already old and probably have health problems, there will be great issues in your life insurance. In contrast with life insurance, annuities are designed for those who are nearing retirements and to those who are retired already. Buying at a young age is not ideal when it comes to annuities. Even though age and gender will also be examined here, it works differently with life insurance. If your life expectancy passed above the average rate, then that’s just it. So if you are retiring or a retiree already and do not have insurance yet, annuities can serve you right.

There are other kinds of annuities out there but why immediate annuities? Yes, there are other kinds of annuities available but you really have to consider first your financial status as of the moment before choosing one like deferred annuities. These kinds of annuity give you payments but not immediately after you purchase. If you think you don’t need your money right away, then it is fine. However, when you are already retired, the income you used to have when you’re working is not the same. It could be lesser and not enough to cover all of your expenses.

And, if you have dependents or beneficiaries, immediate annuities can actually be a great help to you. You no longer have your job but you still have obligations to your family. You and your family’s need do not stop at any moment. They actually build up as time passes by. Your child or grandchild may be needing college tuition fees or some emergency may occur. With an immediate annuity, you can take that burden off from your shoulder. The payment that comes in chunks may not be enough to cover everything that you need but at least, the amount of money you receive eases what you need at that time.

Buying an immediate annuity is like buying your own pension. All you have to do is pay a lump of money to an insurance company and you will start receiving chunks of payment for a period of time. You may save a lot here. Just think of the interest rates you get payment after payment aside from the return of your principal payment. You are getting a lot from it actually. At least, your investment does not go to waste.

When the matter of retirement is the issue, you cannot avoid thinking on how you will save or invest your money in a right and safe way.  Now that you know that immediate annuity quotes are your best bet, give it a shot right away. Get free immediate annuity quotes here by entering your zip at the top of this page, followed by some basic information. We recommend that you do it immediately.