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As you look towards retirement, one good investment option will be to consider an annuity for retirement purposes, especially a fixed annuity that may guarantee you a fixed amount of payout everyday for the rest of your life. Compare rates from different fixed annuity providers for free using our automated calculators.

To help you with the best decision, we will focus on the term “fixed annuity”, but start with a clear definition of an annuity. An annuity can be defined as a product available from insurance companies that pays you income. It is most often used by retirees as a means to generate income after retirement. It can also be defined as a type of product from financial institutions that can help an individual save funds until it grows to a lump sum then at the end of a period or upon “annuitization”, the individual collects the money. The income generated from annuity can be paid monthly or quarterly. It can also be collected in bulk or as a lump sum.

Annuities can be either fixed or variable. Fixed annuities are like Commercial Deposits – CD like in nature and their rate of investment is guaranteed for a fixed period and most often command higher rates than the CD’s obtainable in banks. Simply put, a fixed annuity is a contractual agreement between an investor or annuitant and an insurance company.

The terms of the agreement is that the insurance company pays the investor a particular amount of money after a period of time based on how much the investor is willing to invest into the annuity. It is very important for a prospective investor or annuitant to have a general knowledge about what annuities are and how they work before investing. This helps the investor to avoid any confusion and it also helps him to decide the type of annuity that best suits his needs. Seeking the advice of qualified investment professionals is always very helpful. The fixed annuity is a very useful financial product for retirees and is mostly used in the USA.

Fixed annuities come in two forms: they are either immediate or deferred. In immediate annuity, once the investor makes the first payment into his annuity, the insurance company is due to start paying the investor after one interval of the first payment, for example, the payments can be due in as little as one month after the first investment depending on the agreement. Deferred annuity on the other hand does not payout immediately but takes a longer period of time before it is due for payment by the insurance company, usually one year or more, depending on the agreement.

A fixed annuity for retirement is considered a low-risk type of investment because it guarantees positive rates of return. If you were not willing to take the risks that come along with investing in the stock market due to its uncertainties and volatility, then a fixed annuity would be a very good alternative because it takes out all the risks!

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