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Everyone is supposed to look into the future and know that he or she won’t be as economically active as when they are at the age of 35 years. It is for this reason that a lot of people have found it prudent to make some form of investment that will be trickling in some revenue when age catches up with them. Some will invest in rather risky places while others chose the more conservative investing grounds. But when looking at a retirement investment plan you should always check the risky bit because, assuming you invested in the so very risky put/call options in the stock exchange and you lost all your money, in the investment. If you are age 70, it simply means that you have lost it all because it will be rather hard to rejuvenate yourself and get that wealth at that age, but you never know because a new life can start anytime and anywhere. There are some factors that you should consider before investing in annuities.

It is always best to take up a fixed annuity at least ten to fifteen years before you retire. If you are retiring now at the age of 50 and thinking of taking up an annuity think of it when it matures in 20 years and you are 70 years. What will you are surviving on for those 20 years?

A fixed annuity is tailored to suit best those that have extra income to spare or can squeeze just a little to get the premiums required. An annuity should not be taken by someone with no savings or some source of income because when an emergency arises, you will surely be forced to cancel the annuity contract and it’s a rather expensive decision.

Every so often you can see that some people can tell that their economic future is not very bright though they are at its podium now. They decide to put some money in a  fixed annuity  and since you the money is not getting taxed as it accumulates and will only get taxed when you are withdrawing it serves as a perfect tax deferment way. They might further enjoy the annuity as they will be classified in a lower income bracket for tax purposes.

If you are worried or concerned about your future and you want a certain way to be having a steady guaranteed cash inflow then an annuity can just be the trick that you are looking for.

As we conclude you will agree with me that quite a large number of people have no patience or rather financial discipline, they will take up a fixed annuity that will mature after 10 or 15 years and diligently start making the required premiums. After one or two years they get impatient with the plan and withdraw from it. You should be aware that a surrender charge of up 25% of your investment can be charged. Therefore you should try as much as you can to just forget you have one and just continue paying the premiums.