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In the US today most of the citizens have an annuity. This can be explained by simply saying that it is a decision that has been taken by many and they have realized excellent results. It is the one life decision that you will always be proud of when you are of old age. However, before we get to the pleasures that you will enjoy at old age lets first look at the very basic benefits of fixed annuity accords you once you have decided to take it up.

RetirementPlanBy taking a fixed annuity, you are taking a very step that will ensure that your retirement age is well catered for. With the government Internal Revenue Code (IRC) you can rest assured that your savings are well looked after. Moreover there is the Financial Industrial Regulatory Authority which is a non-governmental body that regulates the administration of annuities and which ensures that every insurer providing a licensed annuity. It is however, prudent to always check with FINRA if an insurance company is registered. Under the tax deferred annuities code your principal and interest are secured and are always ready for your withdrawal. Furthermore, the monies taken by the insurance company for this annuity are invested in government or secure corporate bonds. Therefore, it is a very safe way of investing.

Whenever you take an annuity, you are always exempted from taxation when paying the premiums. You are only required to pay the taxes on the interest earned not the principal received at the time of the payout. It actually gives you the authority to determine the taxes to pay and at what date since you are the one deciding to draw and at what day. This is besides the plan serving as an ideal normal method of accruing savings as you will be greatly discouraged from withdrawing the principal.

The companies understand that their clients often are caught up in hard situations and they would need to withdraw. This is of course having satisfactorily met the minimum conditions set like having some sufficient funds with the insurance among others.

Finally, unlike other forms of investments a fixed annuity has a more secure investment. Normally when you invest in an annuity the insurance company invests the premiums into government or serious corporate where the returns are sure and steady. The other annuities’ premiums are invested in stocks whose prices keep fluctuating thereby risking ones annuity returns and the annuity plan itself.

Like any savings plan a fixed annuity will attract surrender charge if you claim your money before annuitization. This will also encourage one to be disciplined in to having the annuity mature. Besides, since no tax is being charged on your premiums and interest the compound interest earned gets on being compounded to your advantage. This will not be the case in a normal savings account where your account earns compound interest but the interest is withdrawn every other day.