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The buyer of an immediate annuity is weighed by two major characteristics. Firstly, this buyer has great desire for a lifelong income on regular basis. Secondly, the individual is eager to start the payments sooner than later without taking any chances. Indeed, a retiree perfectly fits this bill. Such an individual is keen on having savings meant for retirement being converted into income for a lifetime. They simply do not want to run out of cash at any one given time. Retirees whose investments are comprised due to lack of financial security have no better option but this offer.

Actually, they may choose to invest proceeds of pensions or personal savings accumulated over time by purchasing an immediate annuity. Most employees on the verge of retiring usually have big investments in the stock of their companies. These individuals have great financial backing to enable them expand when they finally retire. By so doing, they timely minimize or avoid any possible threats to their income. Therefore, the safest and easiest way of taming any risk that may come by in securing an immediate annuity. At the same time, this decision will materialize into a guaranteed source of income during the retirement period.

Besides retirees, the need for immediate annuities is common among those who reap off from legal settlements, lawsuits inclusive. Usually, the terms dictate that payments should be made cover up lost income perceived to have been realized later, say several years to come. Furthermore, the lost income to be replaced is provided with the same surety as the legal system is able to deliver. Given such an order, nothing other than an immediate annuity rises to the occasion. It is suitably designed to address length and breadth of the matter at hand. The court therefore orders the defendant to buy an immediate annuity in funds enough to satisfy the damage claims presented by the plaintiff. This is enough proof that court cases calling for monetary settlements will be fully handled by this annuity package.

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