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Your general auto insurance policy is very important for the continued convenience of using your car. If you are unable to use your car due to unforeseen circumstances like traffic collisions, car break down, or other situations that can negatively affect your car, you will be unable to go to work, go to the store as well as go somewhere you need to get to in an emergency. This is why you need to insure your car with at least a general policy. If you intend to get a general coverage policy for your car, here are some of the things that you need to take note of.

Policy limit – this is the most important factor of the insurance policy. This is because the policy limit is the maximum amount of money that the insurance company is required to pay you by law if you file a valid insurance claim. The policy limit also affects the insurance premiums that you need to pay every month. The policy limit should be at least equal to the market value of your car. This ensures that should your car be completely destroyed by an unforeseen event that is covered by your policy, you can still be able to replace it thanks to the maximum policy limit.

Third party claims – it is very important that you include third party claims in your coverage. These claims cover damage to other cars that you caused with your car. This can help protect you against very high repair costs especially if the third party car is a very expensive car.

Theft – a general coverage car insurance should also include protection against theft. No matter how careful you are with your car, there will still be a possibility that it can be stolen by expert car thieves. Coverage against theft can prevent you from being inconvenienced when your car gets stolen as you can get a new car with the insurance payout.

Collision damage – if you get involved in a car accident, your car can be destroyed to the point that you will no longer be able to use it, you will be unable to meet your appointments and responsibilities due to the lack of transportation. Since collision damage is one of the most common causes of auto damage, it is a wise move to include this in your coverage.

Personal injury protection – your general auto insurance should not only protect the car, it should also protect the driver. By including personal injury protection in your insurance coverage, you can protect yourself from expensive hospital bills due to a car accident. When shopping around for car insurance, you should inquire about the availability of personal injury protection from various insurance providers.